4 Full Days Study Skills Workshop for Primary School Students: “Skills Safari: 4 Full Days Adventure for Primary Students to Master Study Skills”

Welcome to “Skills Safari: 4 Full Days Adventure for Primary Students to Master Study Skills”! This immersive workshop is designed to take primary school students on an exciting journey of discovery and skill development. Over the course of four action-packed days, students will embark on a safari of learning, exploring a variety of study skills essential for academic success and personal growth. From mastering time management to honing critical thinking, “Skills Safari” promises an enriching experience that will equip students with the tools they need to thrive in their educational journey.

As young adventurers, students will delve into a range of study skills tailored to their needs and learning styles. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises, they will discover effective strategies for note-taking, reading comprehension, memory enhancement, and more. With each day of the safari, students will build upon their skills, unlocking new pathways to learning and developing the confidence to tackle academic challenges with ease.

Guided by experienced facilitators, “Skills Safari” offers a supportive and nurturing environment where students can explore, experiment, and grow. Together, we will embark on this thrilling adventure, charting a course towards academic success and lifelong learning. Join us as we set out on this unforgettable journey through the wilderness of study skills, where every discovery brings us closer to mastering the art of learning.


1. Introduction to Study Skills: Introduce primary school students to the concept of study skills and their importance in academic success, setting the foundation for the workshop.

2. Time Management Mastery: Provide students with comprehensive strategies for managing their time efficiently, including creating schedules, setting priorities, and overcoming procrastination.

3. Note-Taking Excellence: Teach students various note-taking methods tailored to their learning styles, emphasizing organization, summarization, and active engagement with the material.

4. Active Reading Skills: Develop students’ ability to read actively, comprehend texts, and extract key information through techniques such as annotation and summarization.

5. Memory Enhancement Techniques: Introduce students to memory improvement methods such as mnemonic devices, visualization, and repetition to enhance retention and recall.

6. Test Preparation Strategies: Equip students with effective strategies for preparing for tests, including review techniques, exam strategies, and managing test anxiety.

7. Goal Setting and Motivation: Guide students in setting academic goals and provide them with tools to stay motivated and focused on achieving their objectives.

8. Problem-Solving Skills: Enhance students’ problem-solving abilities through interactive activities and real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

9. Digital Literacy: Teach students how to use digital tools effectively for research, organization, and collaboration, while also emphasizing digital citizenship and online safety.

10. Effective Communication: Develop students’ verbal and written communication skills through activities focused on clarity, coherence, and persuasion.

11. Study Environment Optimization: Help students create an optimal study environment at home and school by addressing factors such as organization, minimizing distractions, and ergonomic considerations.

12. Reflection and Continuous Improvement: Encourage students to reflect on their learning process, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for continuous self-improvement in their study habits.

13. Critical Thinking Development: Foster critical thinking skills through engaging activities that encourage students to analyze information, evaluate arguments, and make informed decisions.

14. Creative Problem-Solving: Cultivate creativity and innovation by challenging students to approach problems from different perspectives and develop unique solutions.

15. Collaboration and Teamwork: Promote collaboration and teamwork skills through group activities and projects, emphasizing effective communication, cooperation, and shared responsibility.

16. Research Skills: Introduce students to basic research skills, including how to find reliable sources, evaluate information, and cite references properly.

17. Presentation Skills: Develop students’ presentation skills through practice sessions, focusing on delivery, organization, and visual aids.

18. Stress Management: Provide students with techniques for managing stress and anxiety related to academic challenges, promoting resilience and well-being.

19. Self-Regulation and Focus: Teach students strategies for maintaining focus and concentration during study sessions, including mindfulness techniques and goal-setting.

20. Growth Mindset Cultivation: Encourage students to adopt a growth mindset by emphasizing the importance of effort, persistence, and learning from mistakes.

21. Study Strategies for Different Subjects: Explore study strategies tailored to specific subjects such as math, science, language arts, and social studies, addressing the unique demands of each.

22. Peer Feedback and Evaluation: Facilitate peer feedback sessions where students can provide constructive criticism and support to their classmates, fostering a culture of mutual learning and improvement.

23. Parental Involvement: Engage parents in their children’s learning process by providing resources and strategies to support study skills development at home.

24. Celebration of Achievement: Celebrate students’ progress and achievements throughout the workshop, reinforcing their confidence and motivation to continue applying their study skills in their academic endeavors.

In conclusion, “Skills Safari: 4 Full Days Adventure for Primary Students to Master Study Skills” has been an incredible journey filled with exploration, discovery, and growth. As we wrap up our four-day adventure, we reflect on the invaluable skills gained and the bonds formed among our young adventurers. Throughout the safari, students have embraced the challenges and opportunities presented to them, emerging as confident and capable learners ready to conquer the academic landscape.

With newly acquired study skills in their toolkit, students are equipped to navigate the complexities of learning with resilience and determination. From effective time management to critical thinking and collaboration, the lessons learned during “Skills Safari” will continue to serve as a compass guiding students towards success in their academic pursuits and beyond. As facilitators, we are immensely proud of the progress made by each participant and the enthusiasm they have shown for learning.

As we bid farewell to our safari adventure, let us carry forward the spirit of curiosity, perseverance, and growth instilled during our time together. With the skills honed during “Skills Safari,” our young adventurers are well-prepared to embark on their educational journey with confidence and enthusiasm. May they continue to explore, discover, and thrive, knowing that the path to mastery is an ongoing adventure filled with endless possibilities.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$1,779.94
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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