60 Minutes Speed Reading Training Course for SAT Students: “SAT Velocity Boost: A 1-Hour Speed-Reading Blitz for Test Triumph“

Welcome to the “SAT Velocity Boost: A 1-Hour Speed-Reading Blitz for Test Triumph” speed reading training course designed specifically for SAT students. In this intensive 60-minute session, we will focus on enhancing your reading skills to help you conquer the reading comprehension sections of the SAT with confidence and efficiency. Through targeted strategies and practice, you will learn how to read faster, comprehend complex passages effectively, and manage your time wisely during the exam.

During this course, you will delve into proven techniques to accelerate your reading speed without compromising comprehension. We will explore methods to identify key information, analyze passages critically, and extract essential details to answer SAT questions accurately. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary and strengthen your ability to navigate various types of texts commonly found in SAT reading passages.

By the end of this session, you will not only have honed your speed-reading abilities but also gained valuable insights into effective reading strategies tailored for the SAT. This course aims to equip you with the tools and confidence needed to tackle the reading section of the SAT exam efficiently, ultimately leading to improved performance and test triumph.


1. Improve Reading Speed: Enhance students’ reading speed to help them navigate through SAT passages more efficiently within the given time limit.

2. Enhance Comprehension: Develop strategies to improve comprehension, allowing students to grasp key information and main ideas effectively.

3. Strengthen Vocabulary Skills: Increase students’ exposure to diverse vocabulary to aid in understanding complex SAT reading passages.

4. Foster Critical Thinking: Encourage analytical thinking and interpretation of text, enabling students to make insightful connections and draw conclusions.

5. Practice Time Management: Teach time management techniques to allocate sufficient time for reading and answering SAT questions.

6. Boost Confidence: Build students’ confidence in their reading abilities, empowering them to approach SAT reading sections with a positive mindset and readiness for success.

In conclusion, the “SAT Velocity Boost: A 1-Hour Speed-Reading Blitz for Test Triumph” speed reading training course has been a dynamic and focused session aimed at enhancing your reading skills specifically for the SAT exam. Throughout this hour, you have engaged in targeted exercises and strategies designed to boost your reading speed, comprehension, and overall performance on the SAT reading sections.

As you reflect on your experience in this course, remember that speed reading is a skill that requires continuous practice and refinement. The techniques and insights gained during this session serve as a foundation for ongoing improvement in your reading abilities. By consistently applying the strategies learned today, you can continue to strengthen your reading skills and approach the SAT exam with increased confidence and readiness.

We encourage you to integrate these speed-reading techniques into your regular study routine leading up to the SAT exam. With dedication and practice, you will build upon the progress made in this course and further enhance your ability to navigate through SAT passages efficiently and effectively. Best wishes for success on your SAT journey, and may your newfound speed-reading skills contribute to your test triumph!

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$389.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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