Half Day Speed Reading Training Course for SAT Students: “SAT Sprint Mastery: Half-Day Speed Reading Intensive for SAT Scholars“

Welcome to the “SAT Sprint Mastery: Half-Day Speed Reading Intensive for SAT Scholars” speed reading training course! This half-day program is designed to equip SAT students with the essential skills and strategies needed to excel in the reading sections of the SAT exam. With a focus on speed, comprehension, and critical thinking, this intensive course aims to help students navigate through SAT passages with confidence and precision.

During this half-day session, students will engage in a series of targeted exercises and activities aimed at increasing reading speed without compromising comprehension. They will learn proven techniques to enhance their ability to understand complex texts, identify main ideas, and extract key information efficiently. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their critical thinking skills through interactive learning experiences.

By the end of this course, SAT scholars will have gained valuable insights into effective speed reading strategies tailored specifically for the SAT exam. They will be equipped with the tools and confidence needed to tackle the reading sections of the SAT with ease, ultimately leading to improved performance and success on test day. Let’s embark on this speed reading journey together and unlock your full potential as an SAT scholar!


1. Increase Reading Speed: Develop techniques to boost reading speed, allowing students to read SAT passages more quickly and efficiently.

2. Enhance Comprehension: Improve students’ ability to understand and extract key information from complex SAT reading passages.

3. Strengthen Vocabulary: Expand students’ vocabulary knowledge to aid in comprehension and interpretation of SAT texts.

4. Foster Critical Thinking: Encourage analytical thinking and critical analysis skills to interpret and evaluate SAT passages effectively.

5. Practice Time Management: Teach time management strategies to help students allocate time appropriately for reading and answering SAT questions.

6. Improve Skimming and Scanning Skills: Enhance students’ ability to skim and scan passages effectively to identify main ideas and key details.

7. Build Confidence: Boost students’ confidence in their reading abilities, empowering them to approach SAT reading sections with ease and accuracy.

8. Provide Exam Strategies: Equip students with test-taking strategies specifically tailored for the SAT reading sections to maximize their performance on test day.

In conclusion, the “SAT Sprint Mastery: Half-Day Speed Reading Intensive for SAT Scholars” has been a transformative experience aimed at equipping students with essential speed reading skills tailored specifically for the SAT exam. Throughout this half-day session, students have engaged in targeted exercises and strategies to enhance their reading speed, comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, and time management skills. They have learned valuable techniques to navigate through SAT passages efficiently and effectively.

As students reflect on their journey in this course, they should continue to practice and reinforce the speed reading strategies learned. Consistency and dedication to honing these skills will lead to further improvement and confidence in tackling the reading sections of the SAT exam. The knowledge and techniques gained from this intensive training will not only benefit students on test day but also in their academic pursuits and beyond.

We encourage students to apply the speed reading strategies learned in this course to their regular study routine leading up to the SAT exam. With continued practice and application, students can approach the SAT reading sections with increased confidence, accuracy, and readiness for success. Congratulations on completing the “SAT Sprint Mastery” course, and may your newfound speed reading skills contribute to your SAT success and academic journey!

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$289.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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