1 Full Day Speed Reading Training Course for University Students: “Reading Mastery Day: Mastering Speed Reading Techniques in a Full Day“

Welcome to the “Reading Mastery Day: Mastering Speed Reading Techniques in a Full Day” speed reading training course designed specifically for university students. This comprehensive program is tailored to equip you with the essential skills and strategies to excel in your academic pursuits by enhancing your reading efficiency, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities. Over the course of this intensive day-long workshop, you will embark on a transformative journey to unlock your full potential as a proficient and agile reader.

The objective of this training is to help you overcome common challenges faced in university-level reading tasks, such as managing large volumes of complex information, maintaining focus, and optimizing study time. By mastering speed reading techniques, you will be able to navigate through academic texts with greater ease, extract key insights more quickly, and retain information effectively. Moreover, this course aims to instill in you a sense of confidence and empowerment in your ability to tackle diverse reading materials with confidence and competence.

Throughout this day, you will engage in a variety of interactive activities, exercises, and discussions that are specifically designed to enhance your reading skills. From learning advanced skimming and scanning techniques to improving your note-taking abilities and honing your critical thinking skills, each aspect of this course is meticulously crafted to support your academic journey and foster a lifelong love for reading and learning. Get ready to embark on a day of exploration, growth, and mastery in the art of speed reading.


1. Enhance Reading Speed: Enable students to significantly increase their reading speed while maintaining comprehension and retention of information.

2. Improve Comprehension Skills: Develop strategies to enhance students’ ability to comprehend and extract key information from diverse types of texts.

3. Foster Critical Thinking: Encourage critical thinking skills by teaching students to analyze, evaluate, and interpret information effectively during rapid reading.

4. Enhance Information Processing: Teach techniques for processing and assimilating information rapidly, enabling students to handle large volumes of reading material efficiently.

5. Boost Concentration and Focus: Provide exercises and methods to enhance students’ concentration and focus, minimizing distractions during reading tasks.

6. Increase Reading Efficiency: Equip students with practical tools and tips to read more efficiently, saving time and maximizing productivity in their academic endeavors.

7. Develop Skimming and Scanning Skills: Train students in skimming and scanning techniques to quickly identify relevant information in texts, research papers, and articles.

8. Enhance Note-Taking Abilities: Improve students’ note-taking skills to capture key points and ideas while reading at an accelerated pace.

9. Optimize Study Habits: Teach effective study habits that complement speed reading, such as time management, prioritization, and active reading strategies.

10. Build Confidence in Reading: Boost students’ confidence in their reading abilities, empowering them to tackle challenging texts with ease and confidence.

11. Provide Practice Opportunities: Offer ample opportunities for students to practice speed reading techniques through guided exercises, readings, and comprehension assessments.

12. Foster Lifelong Learning: Instill a mindset of continuous learning and improvement, encouraging students to apply speed reading skills beyond the course to enhance their academic and professional success.

In conclusion, the “Reading Mastery Day: Mastering Speed Reading Techniques in a Full Day” training course offers a comprehensive and immersive experience aimed at transforming your approach to reading and studying. Throughout this intensive day, you have delved into a range of speed reading strategies, honed your comprehension skills, and sharpened your critical thinking abilities. You have learned to navigate complex texts more efficiently, extract key information swiftly, and retain knowledge effectively.

As you conclude this workshop, remember that the skills and techniques you have acquired are not just for today but for your entire academic journey and beyond. Practice and application of these strategies in your daily reading habits will continue to yield benefits, enabling you to handle academic challenges with confidence and proficiency. Whether it’s tackling research papers, studying for exams, or staying informed with current literature, your newfound speed reading prowess will be a valuable asset.

Lastly, I encourage you to maintain a growth mindset and continue refining your reading skills. Explore additional resources, engage in further practice, and seek opportunities to apply your speed reading techniques across various subjects and disciplines. By cultivating a habit of continuous learning and improvement, you are setting yourself up for success in your academic endeavors and beyond. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep striving for excellence.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$689.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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