Half Day Speed Reading Training Course for Polytechnic Students: “Poly Reading Dash: A Half-Day Speed Reading Workshop for Improved Reading“

Welcome to the “Poly Reading Dash: A Half-Day Speed Reading Workshop for Improved Reading” designed specifically for Polytechnic students seeking to enhance their reading skills and efficiency. In today’s fast-paced academic and professional environments, the ability to read quickly and effectively while maintaining comprehension is a valuable asset. This half-day workshop is tailored to provide you with the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary to navigate through complex texts with ease and confidence.

Throughout this workshop, you will engage in interactive sessions focused on enhancing your reading speed, improving comprehension, and fostering critical thinking skills. The “Poly Reading Dash” is not just about reading faster; it’s about developing a holistic approach to reading that allows you to extract key information efficiently while understanding and analyzing content effectively. By the end of this workshop, you can expect to see significant improvements in your reading abilities, empowering you to tackle academic texts and professional materials with greater proficiency.

The workshop will be led by experienced instructors who will guide you through various speed reading exercises, provide personalized feedback, and offer practical tips for applying speed reading techniques in your everyday reading tasks. Whether you’re a student preparing for exams, conducting research, or simply looking to enhance your reading skills for personal growth, the “Poly Reading Dash” workshop is designed to help you achieve your reading goals and excel in your academic and professional pursuits.


1. Enhance Reading Speed: Increase Polytechnic students’ reading speed to process and comprehend information more efficiently during academic and professional tasks.

2. Develop Skimming and Scanning Skills: Teach students effective skimming and scanning techniques to quickly extract key information from various types of texts.

3. Improve Comprehension: Enhance students’ ability to understand and retain information from complex texts, including technical materials and academic content.

4. Foster Critical Thinking: Encourage students to think critically and analyze information while reading, enabling them to make connections, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions.

5. Enhance Time Management: Provide strategies for students to manage their time effectively while reading, optimizing productivity and performance.

6. Build Vocabulary and Language Skills: Expand students’ vocabulary and language proficiency through exposure to a variety of texts and contexts during speed reading activities.

7. Boost Confidence: Increase students’ confidence in their reading abilities, empowering them to approach reading tasks with greater ease, accuracy, and self-assurance.

8. Apply Speed Reading Techniques: Enable students to apply speed reading techniques learned during the workshop to academic assignments, research projects, and professional reading tasks for improved outcomes.

As we conclude the “Poly Reading Dash: A Half-Day Speed Reading Workshop for Improved Reading,” we commend each participant for their dedication to enhancing their reading skills and embracing the strategies learned throughout the workshop. The interactive sessions, engaging activities, and personalized guidance provided during the workshop have equipped you with valuable tools and techniques to read more efficiently and effectively. We encourage you to continue practicing and applying these skills in your academic and professional endeavors to maximize your reading potential.

The workshop’s objectives, including enhancing reading speed, improving comprehension, fostering critical thinking, and boosting confidence, have been met through your active participation and commitment to learning. As you continue your reading journey, remember to implement the skimming, scanning, and critical thinking techniques learned during the workshop to extract key information, understand complex texts, and make informed decisions based on your reading.

We believe that the skills acquired during the “Poly Reading Dash” workshop will serve you well in your academic pursuits, research projects, and professional endeavors. Keep exploring new reading strategies, stay curious, and strive for continuous improvement in your reading abilities. Thank you for being a part of this enriching experience, and we wish you success in all your future reading endeavors.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$289.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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