1 Full Day Study Skills Workshop for Primary School Students: “Pathways to Learning: Full Day Exploration of Study Skills for Young Scholars”

Welcome to “Pathways to Learning: Full Day Exploration of Study Skills for Young Scholars”! This immersive workshop is tailored specifically for primary school students, offering a comprehensive dive into the world of study skills. As young scholars embark on their academic journey, it is crucial to equip them with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate the challenges of learning effectively. Over the course of this full day workshop, students will delve into a variety of study skills, setting the foundation for academic success and lifelong learning.

Throughout the day, students will engage in interactive activities, discussions, and hands-on exercises, designed to cultivate essential study skills. From mastering time management and note-taking techniques to honing critical reading skills and memory enhancement strategies, “Pathways to Learning” provides a holistic approach to study skills development. By empowering students with these fundamental skills, we aim to ignite a passion for learning and equip them with the confidence to excel academically.

As facilitators, we are excited to guide students on this journey of exploration and discovery. Together, we will unlock the pathways to effective learning, laying the groundwork for academic achievement and personal growth. Join us as we embark on this transformative experience, paving the way for young scholars to thrive in their educational pursuits and beyond.


1. Introduction to Study Skills: Introduce primary school students to the concept of study skills and their importance in academic success, setting the stage for the day’s exploration.

2. Time Management Techniques: Teach students practical strategies for managing their time effectively, including creating schedules, prioritizing tasks, and avoiding procrastination.

3. Note-Taking Strategies: Equip students with various note-taking methods tailored to their learning styles, emphasizing organization, summarization, and active engagement with the material.

4. Active Reading Skills: Develop students’ ability to read actively, comprehend texts, and extract key information through techniques such as annotation and summarization.

5. Memory Enhancement Techniques: Introduce students to memory improvement methods such as mnemonic devices, visualization, and repetition to enhance retention and recall.

6. Test Preparation Strategies: Provide students with effective strategies for preparing for tests, including review techniques, exam strategies, and managing test anxiety.

7. Goal Setting and Motivation: Guide students in setting academic goals and provide them with tools to stay motivated and focused on achieving their objectives.

8. Problem-Solving Skills: Enhance students’ problem-solving abilities through interactive activities and real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

9. Digital Literacy: Teach students how to use digital tools effectively for research, organization, and collaboration, while also emphasizing digital citizenship and online safety.

10. Effective Communication: Develop students’ verbal and written communication skills through activities focused on clarity, coherence, and persuasion.

11. Study Environment Optimization: Help students create an optimal study environment at home and school by addressing factors such as organization, minimizing distractions, and ergonomic considerations.

12. Reflection and Continuous Improvement: Encourage students to reflect on their learning process, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for continuous self-improvement in their study habits.

In conclusion, “Pathways to Learning: Full Day Exploration of Study Skills for Young Scholars” has been an enriching and empowering experience for all participants. As we wrap up our full day workshop, we reflect on the valuable insights gained and the strides made in honing essential study skills. Throughout the day, students have embraced the opportunity to delve into various study techniques, laying a strong foundation for academic success and lifelong learning.

With newfound knowledge and skills in time management, note-taking, critical reading, and more, students are better equipped to navigate the academic challenges ahead with confidence and competence. As facilitators, we are inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by our young scholars, and we are confident that the lessons learned during this workshop will serve them well in their educational journey.

As the day comes to a close, let us carry forward the spirit of curiosity, determination, and growth instilled during “Pathways to Learning.” With a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, there are no limits to what our young scholars can achieve. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their hard work and dedication, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success in their academic endeavors and beyond.


Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$689.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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