2 Full Days Speed Reading Training Course for Elementary School Students: “Elementary Reading Expedition: Two Days of Speed Reading Fun for Explorers“

Welcome to the “Elementary Reading Expedition: Two Days of Speed Reading Fun for Explorers” speed reading training course, where young learners embark on an exciting journey into the world of reading and discovery. Over the next two days, students will immerse themselves in a series of engaging activities, interactive workshops, and dynamic lessons designed to enhance their speed reading skills, expand their vocabulary, and deepen their comprehension abilities. This expedition is not just about improving reading efficiency; it’s about fostering a lifelong love for reading and empowering students to become confident and proficient readers.

In this immersive program, students will explore the wonders of literature through a variety of genres, from thrilling adventures to fascinating informational texts. They will learn essential speed reading techniques that will help them navigate through texts more efficiently, extract key information, and understand complex ideas. Through hands-on activities, group discussions, and individualized instruction, students will discover the joy of reading and develop critical thinking skills that will serve them well in their academic and personal lives.

Our goal for this two-day expedition is to inspire young explorers to become avid readers and lifelong learners. We believe that every child has the potential to unlock new worlds through reading, and this program is designed to ignite their curiosity, creativity, and passion for knowledge. Get ready to embark on a thrilling reading adventure, where every page turned is a step closer to becoming an Elementary Reading Explorer!


1. Introduce foundational speed reading techniques, such as skimming, scanning, and chunking, to improve reading efficiency and speed.

2. Enhance reading fluency by practicing sight words, phonics, and word recognition skills to increase reading accuracy and comprehension.

3. Expand vocabulary through exposure to a variety of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and informational articles.

4. Foster a love for reading and develop positive attitudes towards literacy through engaging and interactive reading activities.

5. Improve comprehension skills by teaching students how to identify main ideas, make inferences, and summarize key information.

6. Enhance critical thinking abilities by analyzing texts, evaluating arguments, and drawing conclusions.

7. Promote active reading strategies, such as annotating texts, asking questions, and making connections between ideas.

8. Integrate technology tools, such as digital reading platforms and online resources, to enhance reading skills.

9. Provide opportunities for collaborative reading and discussions to enhance understanding and communication skills.

10. Explore different genres of literature, such as mystery, adventure, fantasy, and historical fiction, to broaden reading experiences.

11. Teach effective time management skills to prioritize reading tasks and organize study materials.

12. Assess reading progress and provide personalized feedback to support individual learning needs.

13. Encourage independent reading habits and self-directed learning to promote lifelong literacy skills.

14. Empower students with confidence in their reading abilities and encourage them to set reading goals.

15. Create a positive and inclusive reading environment that celebrates diversity and promotes empathy through literature.

16. Inspire a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world through engaging and thought-provoking reading materials.

As we conclude our “Elementary Reading Expedition: Two Days of Speed Reading Fun for Explorers,” I am thrilled by the progress, enthusiasm, and engagement demonstrated by each young learner. Over the past two days, students have delved into the world of speed reading, expanded their vocabulary, honed their comprehension skills, and developed a deeper appreciation for the power of words. Their eagerness to learn, explore, and grow as readers has been truly inspiring, and I am confident that they are well-equipped with the tools and strategies to continue their reading journey with confidence and curiosity.

Moving forward, I encourage each student to apply the speed reading techniques, critical thinking skills, and vocabulary-building strategies they have learned during this expedition. By incorporating these skills into their daily reading habits, students will continue to strengthen their literacy skills and unlock new opportunities for learning and discovery. I extend my gratitude to parents, educators, and all participants for their dedication and support in fostering a culture of literacy excellence among young learners.

Thank you to all the young explorers for your enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to becoming proficient and passionate readers. May this reading expedition be just the beginning of a lifelong journey filled with wonder, knowledge, and endless adventures through the pages of books. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep unlocking the magic of reading!

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$889.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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