60 Minutes Speed Reading Course for Corporate Professionals: “Corporate Speed Surge: Enhancing Reading Efficiency in 60 Minutes“

Welcome to “Corporate Speed Surge: Enhancing Reading Efficiency in 60 Minutes,” a specialized speed reading course designed specifically for corporate professionals like yourself who are seeking to boost reading efficiency and productivity within a limited time frame. In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, the ability to read and process information quickly and effectively is crucial for staying competitive and achieving optimal performance. This 60-minute course is tailored to help you unlock the secrets of speed reading and elevate your reading skills to new heights.

Over the next hour, you will embark on a focused and intensive journey into the world of speed reading. We will introduce you to essential speed reading techniques that will enable you to skim through documents, emails, reports, and other corporate materials with ease. Additionally, we will explore strategies for enhancing reading comprehension, managing time effectively during reading sessions, and fostering critical thinking skills to extract key insights from written content.

By the end of this course, you will have gained valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your reading efficiency and productivity in a corporate setting. You will be equipped with the skills and strategies needed to navigate through vast amounts of information quickly and accurately, allowing you to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and stay ahead in your professional endeavors. Get ready to experience a corporate speed surge and transform the way you approach reading in just 60 minutes.


1. Introduce Speed Reading Techniques: Provide corporate professionals with an introduction to fundamental speed reading techniques such as skimming, scanning, and chunking to improve reading speed and efficiency.

2. Enhance Reading Comprehension: Teach strategies to enhance reading comprehension while maintaining a rapid reading pace, including identifying key information, summarizing main points, and understanding context.

3. Develop Time Management Skills: Provide tips and tools for managing time effectively during reading sessions within a corporate context, including setting priorities, eliminating distractions, and staying focused.

4. Foster Critical Thinking: Encourage the development of critical thinking skills by teaching participants how to analyze and evaluate information quickly and accurately while speed reading.

5. Practice Speed Reading: Conduct guided practice sessions where corporate professionals can apply speed reading techniques to corporate documents, reports, emails, and other relevant materials.

6. Provide Feedback and Improvement Strategies: Offer personalized feedback to each participant based on their speed reading performance and assist them in creating actionable improvement strategies for ongoing development.

As we conclude our “Corporate Speed Surge: Enhancing Reading Efficiency in 60 Minutes” course, I want to congratulate each of you for your active participation and commitment to improving your reading efficiency and productivity within a corporate context. Over the past hour, you have learned valuable speed reading techniques, enhanced your reading comprehension skills, and gained insights into effective time management strategies during reading sessions. Your dedication to continuous learning and development is commendable, and I trust that the knowledge and skills acquired in this course will benefit you greatly in your professional endeavors.

I encourage you to continue practicing and applying the speed reading techniques and strategies learned in this course to your daily work routine. Consistency is key to mastering any skill, and by incorporating speed reading into your regular reading habits, you will experience significant improvements in your reading efficiency and overall productivity. Stay connected with our community of corporate professionals, share your progress, and support each other in adopting and maintaining efficient reading practices.

Remember that speed reading is not just about reading faster; it’s about reading smarter and more effectively. Apply the principles of skimming, scanning, and critical thinking to navigate through corporate documents, reports, and emails with precision and accuracy. Thank you for being part of this transformative experience, and may your newfound speed reading skills empower you to excel in your professional journey and achieve greater success in your corporate endeavors.

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Fees: S$389.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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