60 Minutes Speed Reading Training Course for Advanced Placement (AP): “AP Velocity Burst: A 1-Hour Speed-Reading Surge for Academic Excellence“

Welcome to the “AP Velocity Burst: A 1-Hour Speed-Reading Surge for Academic Excellence” speed reading training course tailored specifically for Advanced Placement (AP) students. In this fast-paced and dynamic program, we aim to equip you with the skills and strategies necessary to excel in your AP coursework, exams, and beyond. With just 60 minutes, we will dive deep into the world of speed reading, enhancing your reading speed, comprehension, and critical analysis abilities.

The AP curriculum demands extensive reading across various subjects, from literature and history to science and mathematics. As AP students, you face the challenge of covering vast amounts of material while maintaining high levels of comprehension and analysis. This course is designed to help you meet these challenges head-on by mastering the art of rapid reading without compromising understanding and retention.

Throughout this course, you will explore proven speed reading techniques, learn how to extract key information efficiently, and develop strategies for managing your time effectively during exams and assignments. Our goal is not just to increase your reading speed but also to enhance your overall academic performance and confidence as you navigate the rigorous demands of the AP program.


1. Enhance reading speed: Teach AP students proven techniques to increase their reading speed significantly within 60 minutes, enabling them to cover more material efficiently.

2. Improve comprehension: Develop strategies to help students maintain or even improve comprehension levels while reading at an accelerated pace, ensuring they grasp key concepts effectively.

3. Foster critical analysis: Guide students in analyzing texts quickly and critically, extracting essential information, and identifying main ideas, arguments, and supporting details.

4. Manage time effectively: Provide time management techniques tailored to AP students’ needs, enabling them to allocate time wisely during exams and assignments involving extensive reading.

5. Enhance retention: Teach memory retention strategies such as visualization, association, and summarization to help students retain information obtained through rapid reading.

6. Boost confidence: Build students’ confidence in their ability to read and comprehend challenging texts efficiently, empowering them to approach AP coursework with a positive mindset and readiness for academic success.

In conclusion, the “AP Velocity Burst: A 1-Hour Speed-Reading Surge for Academic Excellence” course has provided you with valuable tools and techniques to boost your reading efficiency and academic performance. Over the past hour, you have learned how to read faster without sacrificing comprehension, analyze texts critically, manage time effectively, and retain key information. These skills are crucial for success in your AP studies and will benefit you in your future academic endeavors.

As you continue your AP journey, I encourage you to practice and apply the speed reading strategies you have learned in this course. Consistent practice will further enhance your reading speed, comprehension, and retention abilities, allowing you to tackle complex texts with confidence and ease. Remember that speed reading is not just about reading quickly but also about reading smartly and strategically.

I commend your dedication and participation in this speed reading training course. By incorporating these newfound skills into your study routine, you are setting yourself up for academic excellence and achievement in the AP program. Keep exploring, learning, and pushing your boundaries as you strive for continued success in your academic endeavors. Best wishes for a rewarding and fulfilling journey ahead!

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$389.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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